Misty Green is a Yoga teacher, Reiki (energy healing) practitioner, Vedic-Thai Yoga bodyworker, Figurative life model, Mother, Lover and Friend.

She’s even ordained to officiate your sacred love ceremony! Connect with Misty at My Yoga Tao.

Misty teaches an all-levels Hatha yoga fusion. Think of the root of jazz music. 

Her Tao of Yoga incorporates a multitude of exploratory methods using a more spontaneous and holographic approach of:

•Yin (relaxed) and Yang (Active) postures/movement
•Kundalini breath-work
•Occasional partner interaction and
•Yoga Dance 

Misty encourages a space for her students to comfortably discover and experience while engaging with their inner guidance system and mind-body connections.

  •  “We’re all doing the best we can, and sometimes just need a little extra love & guidance”