Community of Mindfulness

By Tressa Vazquez

Mindful living in its own right is a powerful catalyst for personal well being. Through mindful practices, like yoga and meditation, we cultivate in us a joy and ease that allows us to practice compassion with ourselves and with those around us. It encourages in us equanimity. When we invite awareness in, and practice mindfulness, throughout our day what is created is a beautiful sense of peace and gratitude for the present moment. It is this gratitude for the present moment that fosters within us the ability to lead a full and whole life.

In the same regard, connecting with and belonging to a community can equally affect our personal wellness and outlook. It too can bring joy, ease and compassion into our lives. When we allow ourselves to truly connect with others we can plug into that same sense of gratitude for the present moment. We can foster a full and whole life through this human connection as well.

So what could happen when you couple mindfulness and community? The possibilities are vast. Some days a personal meditation and yoga practice might not come easy, we may struggle to stay present for just one breath, let alone one minute or more. Perhaps the idea of yoga is enticing but the practice itself seems out of reach. Maybe there is a disconnect between your subtle and physical body and mindful movement is a foreign concept. Sometimes showing up to the mat is more than half of the battle. Sometimes its daunting. Community creates in us a reason to take the first step each day. It offers a place to show up and contribute. A place to contribute our energy, our awareness, our breath and a place to delve deeper and explore our personal practice and our relationship with ourselves.

Through many avenues of mindful movement and through many hours of the day our community offers something for everyone. Whether you are new to the practices of movement and mindfulness in it’s many forms or you are a seasoned practitioner there is a place for you here. There is a space for your contributions, your breath, your exploration and your practice. In this community of mindful movement we look to support each other through these practices to take our mindful, present moment awareness off of our yoga mats and into our daily movements, into our interactions, our relationships, careers, and even into our small daily tasks. We come together to celebrate the breaths we take that are full of gratitude and to encourage each other through the ones that aren’t. We seek to approach each new moment as just that, an opportunity to experience a full and whole life. An opportunity to exude gratitude. Right now. Right now. Right now. And we seek to do that together.

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